Friday, April 25, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

Our primary children have been recording their memories of the Gilbert Temple open house and dedication. Here is what a few of them had to say.

“When I saw the temple inside and out I thought it was amazing and beautiful. I also saw the Cultrual Celebration. It was amazing even for how hard it was in the rain it was even more spiritual than it would have been without the rain. I also loved the celestial room. I loved the chandelier, it was amazing to see. It’s pretty cool to see the temple. It’s funny because my favorite song is ‘I Love to See the Temple.’” 
–Kyler Evans, 11 years old

“When I went in the temple I felt warm and safe inside. I didn’t have a favorite room because I liked all of them.” 
–Emerson Jaten, 9 years old

“I went with my family. I liked the baptism font. It made me feel happy.” 
–Cessilee Conover, 4  years old

“I felt awesome when I went thru the temple The baptized room was my favorite, I liked it. The temple is important because it is Heavenly Father’s home.” 
–Dawson Hansen, 5 years old

“It was beautiful. I loved it. My favorite room was the marrying room. I hope I get married in it.” 
–Kate Foster, 6 years old

“The temple dedication was great! I liked that the prophet was there. The Hoasanna thing was great! I can’t wait to go to more dedications. Although it was a little boring it was cool.” 
–Olivia George, 10 years old

"The celestial room was the best part of the tour."
-Harrison Bradley, 8 years old

“I felt happy and I liked the designs.” 
–Ashlyn Tucker, 8 years old

“I felt spiritual in the temple. I loved the baptistery.” 
-Shawn Loyden, 10 years old

“My favorite room in the temple was the baptismal font. I liked the cultural celebration. I wish I was in it. My sister has done baptisms for the dead. I liked when they did the cornerstone.” 
–Blake Foster, 11 years old 

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