Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Become as a little child

“It felt good when I went thru the temple. My favorite part was the whole thing of the temple. It’s important because Jesus lives there.” 
–Cayse Tucker, 4 years old

“I feeled happy when I went indsde the temple. The baptized room was my favorite because you baptize there. The temple is important because it’s Jesus’s house and we can be a family all the time there.” 
–Harper Fandel, 4 years old

“The temple was pretty. I went with my family and took friends. It was nice.” 
-Kembri Conover, 6 years old

“The temple dedication was fun. I liked the hosanna shout. The temple was beautiful.”
 –Mia Rogers, 10 years old

“My favorite part was the giant staircase.”
 –Zoey Miller, 8 years old

“I invited a friend to the temple. I liked the tour a lot. My favorite part was the celestial room. I liked the tour a lot.” 
–Skye Bunker, 7 years old

“When I walked thru the temple I felt like this was a holy place.” 
–Reagan Evans, 8 years old

“I felt warm inside and my favorite room was the room that had the big chandelier because it is big and it is pretty.” 
–Kannon Hassell, 10 years old

“My favorite part of the temple were the agave flowers in the temple. It was so pretty that is was based on the flower. I also attended and was in the cultural celebration. I had a very important and spiritual moment in the cultural celebration, it was when we were singing Armies of Heleman ad it had me thinking of how we were singing for the temple and it was giving me a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.” 
–Taya Browning, 12 years old

“While going through the temple during the open house I was very glad that there was going to be a temple so close to my house. During the dedication I knew that the temple was the house of the Lord and I could feel the spirit everywhere.” 
–Tyler Nichols, 11 years old

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